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My digital ID is: http://mhausenblas.info/#i

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My name is Michael Hausenblas and I work at Red Hat. I am a Gopher and help appops to be successful with container technologies including Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, and OpenShift as well as all elastic data processing around Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and time series databases.

Please use m.hausenblas@acm.org for general enquiries.

For technical enquiries, especially around Go, please use 21.co/mhausenblas.


If you want to know where I'll be in 2017, check out:

Michael on the road

My currently available O'Reilly books:
Serverless Ops—A Beginners Guide For Serverless Operations (AWS Lambda And Beyond) covers the serverless ecosystem and how to approach the serverless paradigm from an ops perspective.
Docker Networking and Service Discovery covers container networking, container service discovery as well as container management tooling (Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes and Nomad).

Some of my active projects:

FWIW, a rather complete list of all advocacy sites I've ever done is also available.

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Some of my past activities:

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