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The right size guide (rsg) is a simple CLI tool that provides you with memory and CPU recommendations for your application. While, in containerized setups and there especially in Kubernetes-land, components such as the VPA exist that could be used to extract similar recommendations, they are:

  1. limited to a certain orchestrator (Kubernetes), and
  2. rather complicated to use, since they come with a number of dependencies.

With rsg we want to do the opposite: an easy to use tool with zero dependencies that can be used with and for any container orchestrator, including Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, HashiCorp Nomad, and even good old Apache Mesos+Marathon.

Install it

Download the latest binary for Linux (Intel or Arm) and macOS.

For example, to install rsg from binary on macOS you could do the following:

curl -L \
    -o rsg.tar.gz && \
    tar xvzf rsg.tar.gz rsg && \
    mv rsg /usr/local/bin && \
    rm rsg*

Prior art

Based on an informal query on Twitter these tools already provide similar functionality: